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    The Coffee Cafe
    Investment Range: 6,00,000

    The Coffee Café is a complete food hub of making all-time favorite beverages & fast food snacks hygienic & standardized. We want to make our Indian Brand food reach all over the world by maintaining mouthwatering yummy taste of coffees and all our best products, but in a better way. The Coffee …

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    Unique Brew Hospitality Private Limited
    Investment Range: 14,00,000-60,00,000

    Uniquebrew café traces its origins to the mere beginnings as an individual café in the suburban town of Navsari near Surat, GUJARAT- India’s shining Diamond Capital. The team behind Uniquebrew Café thought of it as their answer to the large brands which charge exorbitantly high prices from the peop…

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    Investment Range: 12,00,000-15,00,000

    We are India's Fastest growing chain of Pizza's have 10+ Outlet across India. We are providing Training, Brand Building and Software Support.

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    Egg Maniac
    Investment Range: 10,00,000-17,00,000

    Hello, Egg-lovers, our team are a part of the franchise, EggManiac Restaurant and Cafe, having branches in and around various parts of Delhi. We are striving to promote a healthy yet tasty food culture comprising mainly eggs; mixing different recipes of different places. Here, we have the co-existe…

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    Waffle Stories
    Investment Range: 800000-100000

    OUR WAFFLE STORY Waffle Stories is founded by us sister-in-laws, Divya and Pranitha in July 2014. We love eating waffles and at that time there were no dedicated waffle places in Bangalore. So, during a trip in December 2013 we formed our business plans. We finished testing the market by March 201…

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    The Pulao Bowl
    Investment Range: 10,00,000 -12,00,000

    @ The Pulao Bowl we offer customers to taste wide range of "Pulao's" and "Gravies" (i.e., Non-Veg and Veg) along with "Starters" "Paratha's" The Delicious Indian Cuisines can be prepared effortlessly with LIMITLESS FLAVORS, IN LIMITED TIME impressively. Our Motto is bringing World-Class r…

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    The Chai Spot
    Investment Range: 6,00,000 - 7,00,000

    @ The Chai Spot we offer customers a traditional and authentic country's best energy drink without compromising on Taste and Quality along with Breakfast, Coffee, Snacks and Lassi. Chai is not just a drink, it is an emotion-an expression that binds people together, spices up conversations and op…

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    The Fruit Story
    Investment Range: 10,00,000-12,00,000

    At "The Fruit Story" we offer customers to taste REAL FRUIT in various forms through Smoothies, Thickshakes and Fruit Salad without adding any preservatives and flavored syrup. We are the only provider in the market to serve all the seasonal fresh fruits smoothies & shakes 365 days in a year. A…

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    Investment Range: 8,50,000

    USPFC has come a long way from its beginning to become your number one source for all delicious foods like. Pizza, Burgers, Fried Chicken, Calzone, Pasta, Biryani, Mock tails, Crushers & many more. We are dedicated to give you the very best of Natural dough Pizza, Yummy Burgers & very Juicy Fried …

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    The Waffles Hut
    Investment Range: 25,00,000-30,00,000

    Premium ice cream and waffle brand

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